School-Based Mental Health Initiative


We are piloting a statewide effort to establish a clear funding path to help philanthropic organizations and individuals provide financial support of school-based mental health for K-12 students.

For more details on our school-based mental health initiative view our white paper.

For progress updates visit our news page.


The WEA Member Benefits Foundation is proud to report that participating school districts in our School-Based Mental Health Initiative documented increases in student and family access to mental health services through reductions in the barriers of cost, time, and transportation. The report also explains the students they served have become more engaged in school activities and classes, and they reported positive feedback from students, parents and staff. The districts appreciate the customized fundraising guidance we’ve provided, which has helped them feel more engaged with local funders. They are building district-based teams to support more fundraising efforts.

Participating funders expressed appreciation for our help in vetting the pilot school districts and facilitating their partnership with specific districts. They enjoy participating in this type of collaborative, statewide funding initiative.

The evaluation concludes that “This pilot has demonstrated growth and promise. The Member Benefits Foundation is well positioned to continue and expand this effort to involve additional districts and funders, all for the benefit of Wisconsin public school students and their communities.”

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